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If you’ve been on our Facebook over the past week, you’ve probably noticed we’re a little excited about Voyage’s latest range; Alchemy. The range is split into three collections: Lustre, Weaves and Prints, each with something beautiful and different to offer.

The Alchemy Lustre Collection features a variety of beautifully intricate fabrics made using shimmering sequins and beads. Each collection helps to create a mystical and sophisticated look about the room, creating a relaxed, calming sanctuary to come home to. Our favourite, of course, being the Elixir and Ulla Fabrics which have kept us entertained in the office for hours!



A variety of the materials aren’t available for purchase online, but be sure to contact us if any take your fancy.




Alchemy Weaves offers three versatile weaves, perfect for combining and co-ordinating with the rest of the Alchemy range for Upholstery and soft furnishings.


Alchemy Prints creates even more luxury in this calming range by adding beautiful watercolour effect materials and easy-to-use cotton-linen bases. 17

Today, this stunning selection of colour and contemporary patterns creates a to-die-for atmosphere about the modern home. Helping keep the house stress-free and calm after a hard day’s work.




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