Uh Oh Lohko – Scion 2016


Scion is yet again bursting with colour combinations for this season’s launch, with their latest Lohko Fabrics and Wallpapers.

Coming from the Finnish word for Blocks, Lohko features a wide spread of block coloured designs, perfect for the modern family home.

In order to fit everyone’s tastes, Lohko is home to a variety of colour combinations that are ideal for all rooms of the house.

Blush Nudes

For a neutral and sophisticated look, the blush shades with neutral sandy colourways and subtle pink hints found in the collection are essential. Looking great in the living space, bedroom or kid’s room for something a little more grown up.

Colour to Spare

These zesty greens, spicy reds and multicoloured patterns are enough to make the most miserable of Winter days into a fun, lively and Summery utopia of flavour about the contemporary home. With new colourways of the iconic Mr Fox available, zig-zag voiles and plenty more unique patterns, you’ll find it hard to resist the bold and boisterous colours of the Lohko Fabrics and Wallpapers.

Retro Fire

Burnt oranges and charcoal blacks never seize to create a flavourful, retro feel in the modern home. This warming combination provides a bright and lively atmosphere for the home – staying on trend throughout the whole year.

Subtle Summer

Mint greens, sunshine yellows and neutrals are ideal for a timeless look about the family home. Perfect for communal living areas – such as the kitchen and dining space – these cheerful colours combine to create a light and spacious feel about the interior.

For more information and designs, be sure to check out the collections!


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