Top tips to making a large room feel more cosy

Most of the time, people look for ways to make their small room look bigger. But at times, you need to make a big room look more amicable and comfy. The majority of the individuals believe that making a big room cozier is a tough job. But in reality, it is not true.

There do exist a few tips and ways to transform a large room and make it look cozy for everybody. We have worked in many houses having rooms of different sizes. Our vast experience has helped us identify the ways to make a big room feel cozier.

  1. Fill your room with furniture

It is quite common to place furniture near the walls when you have a small room. But this is not the case with a large living room. What you need to do is to place the furniture away from the walls and towards the middle of the room. In this way, you can improve the overall looks of your room. You can place rugs and floor mats over the space to make your room look filled. Furthermore, you can also use a coffee table and chairs.

  1. Use L-shaped or U-shaped table and chairs

You will be glad to know that L-shaped and U-shaped sofas work best in big living rooms. You can place your sofas in different manners to see which one suits you best. For example, if your room is quite long, then you can use a U-shaped or L-shaped sofa. Here the sofa works as a great room divider. You can easily divide dining and living areas with the help of an L-shaped sofa. Prefer using a center table in the middle of the U-shaped or L-shaped sofa to fill the gap. Use tall furniture if the ceiling is high.

  1. Use lights and lamps

Lighting can play a remarkable role when you have a large room. Prefer using multiple lights in the room in addition to the lamps on the side tables. Don’t make the corners look nasty and dark. Prefer filling the corners with bright lanterns and chandeliers. You can also use wall lamps to brighten up your room.

  1. Use bold colours

No matter whether it is a wall lamp or a wall painting, make sure to use bold colours. Be creative with colours and try to use eye-catching colour combinations. Adding a colourful ceiling to your room is another great idea. Always use dark tones to paint the ceiling in comparison to your wall paint. Be confident to add colourful curtains and wallpapers.

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