Our biggest brands have added even more to their eclectic accessories collections – ranging from cushions to striking rugs, this year’s additions are the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary home.

So let’s take a look at what they’ve got to offer this year:

1. Designer’s Guild Rugs

Our previous post looked at Designer’s Guild’s latest range of kid’s rugs which are perfect for completing any little one’s dream room. But now it’s time to look at the huge range of ‘grown up’ rugs, designed specifically to co-ordinate with their latest collections.


Kasuti                                                Kashgar                                      Shanghai Garden

Ranging in compositions, style and colourscheme, this beautiful range of rugs has something to suit all tastes. Kasuti is a rich velvet rug, perfect for adding sophisticiation and warmth into the room, whereas Kashgar is a two-toned design – ideal for co-ordinating with the Astrakhan Collection – which works well as a statement piece in the room. The collection also has a lot of floral designs using a hand painted and kimono style, perfect for creating an elegant and oriental look about the space.

Not only does the collection provide us with beautifully printed designs, but Designer’s Guild uniquely offers a huge range of plain rugs which are easy to co-ordinate and use in both the modern and classical home. The vibrant colour palette for each allows you to add colour into even the dullest of rooms.

The plain rugs – Soho, Shoreditch and Belgravia – all consist of a different composition, all of which are handtufted and delicately made to create a variety of different textures.


Belgravia                                       Shoreditch                                         Soho

Whilst the Shoreditch rugs use a simple, flaky style, the Soho uses thicker tubes of material to create a bulkier and bolder texture. Meanwhile, Belgravia has the unique feature in which it uses a variety of shades to create an overall characterful colour.

2. Clarke & Clarke Cushions

After the successes of their beautiful cushion collection last year, Clarke & Clarke are continuing with the range and adding even more fantastic options to help you complete any room with a classy and contemporary look. Designed to co-ordinate with their latest collections – such as the Dimensions Fabric Collection – the range really is stunning.

This season’s range uses a bright selection of colours, ideal for the modern home or creating a retro vibe within the interior.



And for the classic home, the brand have a small range of neutral shades, velvets and tapestry style designs, all of which create an elegant and sophisticated feel about the house.



With a variety of textures, patterns and sizes, the Clarke & Clarke cushion range has yet again outdone itself, providing you with the perfect selection of accessories to complete any room of the house.

3. Harlequin Rugs

Lastly, there’s Harlequin. Their iconic rugs are the perfect statement piece within the contemporary home and seem to create a timelessly sophisticated look within any space. And yet, they’re back again with a range of colourful and summery rugs, ideal for adding a little sunshine into the house, no matter what season it is! (We’re thinking this year of interior design trends is fast becoming the most colourful!)

Affinity                                                Caspia                                               Lulu

These quirky and vibrant designs are ideal for creating a bold feature within the room – capturing your attention as soon as you walk by. Their contemporary patterns should be paired with minimalist and plain fabrics and wallpapers so not to take away from their boisterous beauty.

Alongside Harlequin’s latest Amazilia range, these striking rugs are perfect for co-ordinating with the collection. Their deep backdrop, paired with the electric blends of colour mirror those found in theAmazilia Velvets Collection to create a unique and characterful look.

So get redecorating! We’ve got a huge range of colourful and vibrant accessories to help you create a truly unique and on trend look with our 2015 accessory additions!

We’ve even added our new Roman Blind Toggles and can now offer a wider range of chrome, brass and steel metal toggles, ideal for making the home look neater and chicer.


So you’ve got everything you need to complete every room in your house… not there’s not a lick of paint, or splode of wallpaper paste in sight!

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