The Psychology of Colour in Interior Design

There are different forms of art by which a person can depict their thoughts and emotions. One of the forms is colour, the colours have a huge impact on human brains and tend to alter moods. Different colours have different psychological effects on the human brain.

The way you do your home interior designing can become a psychological phenomenon. You can do your home interior designing in a way which can be purposeful for you.

You can boost your productivity, bring positivity, feel fresh, and gear up energy all at once just by doing some colourful changes in your home.

Before we go into the details of the psychology of different colours in interior design, the colours are divided into two basic categories i.e. warm colours and cool colours. Red, orange, yellow, and different shades of them are warm colours.

They are also known as saturated colours and fall in the category of colours which arouses passion feelings. Cool colours include white, blue, green, purple, and other light shades. They are associated with calmness, solitude, peace, and inaction. Light shade falls in the category of neutral.

In this guide, let’s see the psychological effects of some important colours and how they can be used in interior design.

Warm Colours

Red and Orange

Red and orange are bold colours, they depict fire and passion.  They stimulate a person to feel warmth and energetic. Too much warm colours in interior designing can also be overstimulating and lead to feelings of anger and danger. Some people even feel short-tempered in the presence of red colour. Red interior designing should be avoided in the bedrooms, it is more suitable for living rooms.


Yellow inspires optimism and fun way to livelihood like sunshine. It is a colour of happiness. A little bit of yellow colour can be refreshing in the bedroom and even in the living room.

Black or Grey

Contrary to popular belief, black or greyish black colour is a sophisticated colour. It shows a person’s sensitive and modern nature. Black or greyish black colour can be used in any bedroom or living room. It gives the vibes of contemplation, calmness, and sometimes loneliness.

Cooler Colours


Blue colour depicts sensibility, harmony, peace, and it is often linked to great emotional intelligence. The blue colour comes in different shades and can be used anywhere in the house.


Green is associated with positive energy. It is ideal for those who are associated with nature. Green also comes in different shades so different colours can be picked according to the setting of the bedroom or living room.

White & Neutral Shades

Usually white & neutral shades do not change the mood, but they depict a person’s organized, calm, and fresh nature. It can be used anywhere in the house for interior designing.

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