The Pros and Cons of Using Designer Paints

Designer paints are trendy these days. And if you are beginning a new project, you might be wondering if designer paints are worth the money. But the answer isn’t a simple yes or no.


What are Designer Paints?

Up until now, you might not have heard of designer paints. What are they? Well, these are paints that have been specially blended to colours within a Designer Brand’s particular range. Designer paints are often made in collaboration with the designers of high-end decorating brands like Morris & Co, Sanderson and Zoffany. The colours are often unique to a brand and might be copyrighted. This means you will only find that colour from that specific brand. So, picking up standard trade paints such as Deluxe won’t quite match the intensity and finish you may need to compliment your designer wallpaper or fabrics.

Why Use Designer Paints?

Designer paints are made to match specific ranges by a brand. Designer interior decor brands like Sanderson often need to match colours, and trade paints usually aren’t up to scratch. However, while it isn’t always necessary to use designer paints, you will get the best finish if you do. For example, Zoffany’s stunning mineral-toned Alabaster Paint will perfectly match its Boucle range of contemporary French designer fabrics. All designer paints are available to order in exquisite blends for the perfect finish, including matt, emulsion and eggshell. 

The Pros of Designer Paints

For a perfect finish during your next home project, you cannot go wrong with a matching designer paint from a reputable brand like Zoffany. Some pros include the following:

  • Perfect complementary colours and finishes to brand-specific product ranges.
  • Suitable finishes are available for every project, such as eggshell, emulsion and matt.
  • Smaller range of colours that are specially chosen, rather than overwhelming.
  • Non-toxic ingredients such as Non-Volatile Organic Compounds make them child-safe.
  • NVOCs also mean designer paints are a more sustainable option.

Simply put, designer paints such as those from Morris & Co. offer superior finishes. As a result, light is absorbed more evenly, creating a much more vibrant colour impact with depth.

The Cons of Designer Paints

But nothing is all good in life, and designer paints are no different. While they offer a superior finish to any project, there are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of before choosing:

  • Designer paints from well-known brands can be more costly than traditional trade paints.
  • All our colours are mixed to order and subject to availability and delivery allowance.
  • There’s a much more limited range of colours from designer paint brands than trade.
  • The impact of the shades makes them suitable for accent rather than an entire room.

The virtues of designer paints make them a better choice for a passion project. However they may not be the best choice if you are on a budget or need them immediately. 

Designer Paints Available from Us

At House Decor Interiors, we stock only the best and most trusted designer paint ranges. So order your designer paint from us for inspirational colour and charm with a professional finish. We currently have a wide range from the best brands, such as Morris & Co., Sanderson and Zoffany. We’re sure you will find precisely what you are looking for in your next kitchen, bathroom or home renovation. Our designer paint finishes include silky emulsion, attention-grabbing matt finishes and stunning eggshell for something in-between.

Note: You can order sample pots or a shade card to see the colours in person before purchasing. We only offer paint sample pots to reference colour. However, due to their mix-to-order nature, our paint products are not returnable.


Designer paint is worth using for a more impactful colour scene to match a well-planned interior design. However, they are more expensive than trade paints, and your options are limited.


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