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Make Time for Time with Casamance

Yep, yet another French designer brand beginning with Ca to add to our collection. But we just cannot resist these contemporary and cool brands! Originating in 2000, the Casamance brand’s aim is to produce stunning backdrops to everyday life. The brand feels that in this hectic modern world, it’s important to ‘make time for time’  – whilst life stresses can get us all down at times, it’s vital that we create beautiful memories on the way. Casamance provides striking fabrics...

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New Brand: Caselio

You’ve probably noticed by now that we’re creating a nice little group of French brands starting with ‘Ca’. Camengo, Casedeco and Caselio are all in one big family, yet Caselio – the latest brand to be added to our site – has something rather unique about it. So far, we’ve added 6 collections to the brand, but we’ve plenty more to come! With textured plains, co-ordinating stripes and exotic patterns capturing the beautiful atmosphere of European life, the Caselio brand is...

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New Brand Launch: Bill Beaumont

We’ve added yet another brand to the site, exciting right? And it’s only February so we’ve got plenty more to come for the next year. Bill Beaumont is an iconic and well-known character in the Textiles Industry, and we have the honour of selling their top designs and collections online! We’ve collated our favourite designs to talk a little more in detail about: 1. Highland Fabric – Country Living Collection

Catch-Up Collection: Abraham Moon & Sons

Abraham Moon & Sons – or Moon, as labelled on the site – is our latest brand to be added to our ever increasing range! The brand offers a beautiful selection of 100% Wool fabrics, suitable for both general domestic use, as well as contract use – meaning it’s a versatile and durable range, ideal for creating a cosy home, or for a beautiful country side hotel. Moon work with a variety of checks and plains featuring subtle colours and...

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