Spring Ideas For Your Living Room

Does your home still look cold from the cool winter months? As the snow melts and reveals a symphony of colours, it’s time to spread some warmth back into your home. Here are some tips to get your living room ready for spring.


Pick daring colours

Jardin Fabric Collection by H & S

Pick vivid and bold colours to instantly brighten a room. A few cushions in an array of coordinates will make any sofa or armchair inviting to sit on and give the space a contemporary and stylish feel. An armchair in a bright shade is another way of introducing a little pop of colour that won’t look too overwhelming in a small room. The Jardin Collection has some beautiful pop colours with a selection of matching coordinates.


Accentuate with floral prints

Couture Rose Fabrics by Designers Guild

Don’t be afraid to use botanical prints in your interiors. Use some floral fabric in subtle patterns for your window coverings or upholstery. The subdued tones will definitely help bring your room to life. The Couture Rose Collection has some beautiful floral prints that will give your living room a classy and timeless look.


Try out bright coloured patterns

Loca & Amaryllis Fabric Collection by Camengo

Bright and bold prints really catch the eye. An easy way to redecorate is to make use of cushions in contrasting solids and patterns. If you are feeling more experimental, dress your windows instead in some light curtains with a colourful fabric. The Loca and Amaryllis Collection feature an array of vibrant colours in different designs that will make any house lively and welcoming.


Bring nature into your room

Country Garden Fabrics by Studio G

Instead of just botanical prints, consider animal prints in some toned down colours. Watercolour effects make for a more rustic and whimsical look that won’t make your living room look like a nursery. The Country Garden Collection is an excellent example of beautifully designed illustrations on fabric that are perfect for any room.


Experiment with fun designs

Beautiful Balloons Fabric Collection by Sanderson

Spring is all about being reborn and a celebration of doing all the things you couldn’t during the cold winter months. Choose some fun prints and pair them with coordinating stripes or solids to create a dreamy and modern look for your living room. The Beautiful Balloons Collection has some quirky patterns guaranteed to give some fun energy to your living room.


Go big with geometric patterns

Alpine Fabric Collection by H & S

Just because you’re redecorating for spring doesn’t mean everything has to be in flowers and trees. To create a clean and contemporary feel, use some geometric patterns instead. Go for fresh colours like yellow, blue and green to emulate spring colours. The Alpine Fabric Collection really lives up to its name with various enchanting patterns to choose from.


Don’t be scared to try modern prints

Lotta Jansdotter Signature Fabric Collection by Ashley Wilde

If you aren’t too keen for flowers and leaves adorning your room, choose a modern pattern in vibrant colours. Pair with geometrics and coordinates for a more contemporary look that is suitable for every season. The Lotta Jansdotter Signature Fabric Collection boasts of several patterns that are designed to elevate your living room into stylish proportions.


Spring is all about new beginnings – it isn’t just about flowers and animals on trees. To decorate for spring is essentially just going for a new look, something clean and bright that will welcome the new season in to your home and help make a fresh start for the new season.

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