Small Living Room Ideas

Nobody wants to have a clumpy and cluttered space to sit back and relax. There are multiple ways to add cosy and vibrant vibes in your small living room. The trick is to add something that makes space appear bigger and better. It is merely the way you style your space. Here are some inspirational ideas to identify the potential of your small living rooms.

To make your space more spacious, the need is to add soft and pastel shades to make the area more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Get ready to know about the tips to transform your small space in the stylish and comfortable oasis.

Let the light comes in

To provide your living room a neutral and minimal style, make sure you don’t block the natural light. Never utilize dark curtains for the windows in your living room.

By choosing pastel and light colours, you can allow the space to be more open and airy. Even if there are minimal sunlight and small windows, choosing the pastel colours would make space look more vicious.

Add wall basket for storage

Utilizing your small space is the only way to reduce the mess. In a small living room, make sure you reduce the clutter by finding better ways of storage.

Through hanging baskets on the wall, you can add to the storage of the place. You can use the attractive baskets that compliment your space. They increase the appeal of your space, look sturdy, and help in managing all sort of clutter.

You can also use hooks for hanging the baskets. You can even keep your books, magazines, and stuff for daily usage in these baskets.

Add a statement to your space

Don’t be afraid of playing with the scale of your small space. Through adding aesthetic pieces, dramatic moments, and well-curated decorations, you can make your space look extremely pleasing. Add chandeliers, rug, and decorations that go well with your interior.

Make sure there are intrigue and contrast in your space. You can consider adding statement items such as table lamp, any artwork, and clutter-free rugs. Not only it will add a cosy vibe to your space, but, it will also reduce the attention towards the size.

Make it multipurpose

When there is a lack of space, the best way to utilize is to be creative and consider multi-purpose ideas. Combine your living room, office, and family room together in a single space.

Consider designing it in a way that its look appealing, cosy, and pleasing to the eyes at the same time. The right selection of furniture, decorations, and layout can make any space look good no matter what size or shape the area is.

Consider white paint

Choosing white or pastel colours for wall paint can brighten up the area. Adding the white paint makes it look wider and spacious.

The addition of a single artwork or painting can make it more look aesthetic. Never go for dark colours and excessive decoration as it might make the area looks cluttery. As the walls of the living room are the centre of attraction so make sure the painting goes well with your space.

Choose the right artwork

Do not think of your living room as an art gallery while selecting the artwork. Choose minimal and light colours in artworks as well.

Make sure, you do not go for pieces that make your area look busy. Consider the height of your room as well as it should extend to the ceiling. Do not go for art pieces that look like over the board for your small area.

Install small lighting

Lighting also plays a vital role in making your space look airy, brighten and spacious. The right selection of lights can bring a pleasing vibe to your living room.

Make sure that you do not go for dull lighting as it might make space look dim. You can go for lights that can be attached to the walls. You can even try the one that can be hung on the floor space. The addition of the swing arm lamps or side table lamps can also reduce the mess.

Use stools as the seat

Avoid adding too much furniture in the area. Choose a sofa that goes well with the proportion of your living room. In case, you want more furniture for sitting, then consider the addition of stools. This will occupy less space as compared to sofas and armchairs.

Try considering the colour coordination of all the furniture. Another considerable addition to this setting is rugs and full-length curtains. For the curtains, you can try the stripe design as it provides extra depth to space.

Proper usage of a coffee table or Ottoman

Considering your small space, you should take two tables to make one big coffee table. In this way, the mess will be reduced. You can easily move them according to the requirement. You can also utilize according to the number of guests at your place.

This addition is perfect for small family get-togethers and events. In case, you are tired of the traditional coffee table, you can consider the usage of the Ottoman.

Ottoman is the perfect replacement considering the need for a small family. You can decorate it with hand flowers, trays, or books as well. It provides the perfect balance between the formal and casual setting.

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