Sanderson One Sixty Fabrics and Wallpaper

For well over a century, Sanderson has been a name synonymous with fabrics and wallpapers. Now, the iconic brand is celebrating its 160th anniversary, and doing it in style. To mark the occasion, it’s releasing some classical designs alongside some new ones.

Arthur Sanderson first began selling his eclectic style of wallpaper more than 160 years ago from a London showroom on Soho Square. Owing to the unique quality of his prints, his business grew tremendously over the following years and soon Sanderson became a household name. Both regular and well-to-do families used his designs in their homes, bringing a sense of lightness and elevation to their interior spaces.

Sanderson is well-known for its floral and countryside-inspired fabrics and wallpapers. Its products are a veritable feast for the eyes, immediately capturing the spirit of open, rolling countryside and the inherent beauty of nature. The brand is also daring, willing to take risks with bright statement colours and enhanced visuals that takes nature’s motifs and improves on the further.

Perhaps the most famous of all of these is Sanderson’s iconic florals – a design for the company’s one sixty fabrics and wallpaper. In this collection, Sanderson includes its stapleton park design, featuring large floral bouquets for traditional cottage settings. It also offers its psychedelic very rose & peony which features multiple overlapping flowers and unexpected tones in the background.

Sanderson is also introducing its romantic nostalgia theme. The brand wants this collection to give customers the option of creating a tranquil, atmospheric and beautiful interior with timeless appeal. These wallpapers and fabrics are less busy and more minimalist.

The brand’s touch of country collection aims to recreate inspiring walks in nature and natural wildlife. All the items in the collection have a simple, contemporary feel combined with Sanderson’s enigmatic flair. The designs are more traditional, but they still pop and create focal points in interior spaces.

The decorative archive range is for patrons who love the warmth and care-free spirit of summer. Wallpapers and fabrics in this collection feature scaled-down depictions of flowers and are the perfect way to create an inviting, welcoming home. Dominant tones include yellow and orange.

Finally, as part of its one sixty celebrations, Sanderson is also introducing the botanical art collection. It gives customers the option of bringing the outdoors inside effortlessly. Many of the designs feature flowers, ferns and bright colours, designed to evoke the beauty and irregularity of nature. The colours are realistic, making the experience of the collection more immersive.

Sanderson understands that getting its wallpapers and fabrics to work seamlessly in a room is a challenge, given their bright and bold colours. So, alongside its creations, it also offers a tone guide, telling patrons which shades to pair their purchases with. In many cases, Sanderson makes it easy by allowing customers to team up fabrics with similar names.

Both fabric and wallpaper collections are available to purchase on our website. Find the perfect home décor for your interiors and elevate them to the next level.

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