Recycle Reuse Reduce Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas: It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many of us. Unfortunately, its one of the most wasteful too! Not only are we talking about the Brussel sprouts that family members sneakily discard into the waste bins year after year but we are referring to plastic and paper waste too. Such waste is bad for the environment, as we’re sure you probably know. So, this festive season, let’s all dream of a greener Christmas with these eco-friendly tips. 

#1: Make your own Christmas decorations

Your local store will be selling decorations for your home and Christmas tree but be mindful. Not only can they eat into your Christmas budget but some may be bad for the environment too if discarded in the new year. To do your bit to save the world (and to save money), you could make your own decorations instead.

Old Christmas cards can be used for making garlands around your home. You could also turn them into baubles to hang from your tree. Be sure to save this year’s cards as you will be able to repurpose them into decorations next year. It’s certainly better than throwing them into the trash.

Another idea is to make decorations out of bits and pieces you find outside. You could make a festive wreath using holly, twigs, and berries, for example, and they could be used to create table decorations too. Check out these Christmas twig crafts for lots of other good ideas. 

Do you have any fabric that you intend to use for quilting or other craft purposes? If so, use it to create advent bunting. It would look lovely when hung around your tree or across the walls of your home. Check out the tutorial on the linked page and consider the other ideas presented on the website. We have some fantastic small rolls in our OUTLET fabric section. 

#2: Reduce your Christmas wrapping

The more paper you use when wrapping your gifts, the more waste you are creating. The same applies when you are using your Christmas wrapping for the decorations you create, such as the parcels you make for aesthetic rather than giving reasons. 

To reduce the amount of paper you use, consider these wrapping hacks. You will save paper and the need for more sellotape and the parcels you create will look beautiful too. 

#3: Recycle your decorations

If you don’t intend to keep your decorations, recycle them instead of throwing them into the trash. Not everything will be recyclable but some of your plastic decorations may be eligible if your town has a plastic recycling program. Paper ornaments can be definitely be recycled but try to remove anything that may be problematic for the environment, such as ribbons and pieces of glitter. For anything that can’t be recycled, consider how they might be resued before discarding them into the trash. Check out these ideas for repurposing Christmas decorations as you may be able to add to your home’s decor in the new year. 


Consider each these of ideas this festive season. Then think about other things you could do, such as reusing other household items for decorations, such as glass jars that could be used as ornaments or candle holders. 

We hope you have a very happy (and green) Christmas!

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