New Fibre Naturelle Collections

Welcome to the latest Fibre Naturelle Collections. A recent addition to their growing collection of stylish and elegant products; constructed with the most delicate and careful embroidery which comes in a wide range of traditional and contemporary fabrics, perfect for any home decor. From curtains to pillowcases and beyond, feel free to get lost in their marvellous fabrics and discover something magical or modern that will transform any room in your house and make it truly feel like home

Fontaine Fabrics 

Fontaine boasts elegant and eye-catching leaf embroidery that brings a wild yet comforting appeal to any room. The metallic thread contrasts with a natural background, ensuring the finer details are the centre of attention. The design makes it perfect for curtains, bedspreads and accessories and brings any home back in touch with nature to promote calm in a hectic world. 

Our Fontaine range is available in five colours: Charcoal, Silver, Stone, Linen, Cloud. 

Rainforest Fabrics

Rainforest offers a burst of tropical colour with a themed print that transports every room into the deepest and most majestic jungles across the globe. The fabric is extremely soft, while the rich and authentic colours, complete with realistic leaf details, including the wondrous Monstera, are ideal for bringing vibrancy to any space. From living room to bedroom to your sunroom, it is a design that captures your sense of adventure and mystique. 

The Rainforest range is available in two colours: Kingfisher, Toucan. 

Velvet Revolution Fabrics (100% Recycled materials) 

Velvet Revolution finds the optimal balance of style and substance to provide a contemporary look for any room throughout your home. It is constructed of 100% recycled velvet and is stain-free, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and mildew and odour resistant. The versatile fabric and universal designs are ideal for curtains, upholstery, bedspreads and accessories, allowing you to fill your home with this reserved yet stunning fabric. 

The Velvet Revolution range is available in 33 colours: Merlot, Plum, Cherry, Henna, Copper, Olive, Mossy, Forest, Teal, Ocean, Surf, Stonewash, Prussian, Midnight, Indigo, Pewter, Dove, Graphite, Onyx, Slate, Granite, Oyster, Marble, Stoneware, Linen, Almond, Pearl, Ice, Ermine, Cotton, Khaki, Walnut, Ebony.

Wisley Fabrics 

Using a delicate leaf trellis design on a rich cotton blend, Wisley Fabrics brings a remarkably subtle yet stylish appeal to the home. The intricate embroidery and appealing contrast provide stunning texture, making the fabric perfect for curtains and bedspreads, as well as accessories. 

The Wisley range is available in four colours: Fossil, Linen, Silver, Indigo.

Genoa Fabrics 

The perfect addition to a home seeking a contemporary touch, Genoa Fabrics features the Palazzi design, available in five colours. The almost-distressed design works perfectly for smaller accessories around the home, yet it can also provide a strong statement in your living room or bedroom, demonstrating the diverse appeal found within these interesting designs. 

The Genoa range is available in nine colours: White Mist, Silent Steel, Charcoal Drift, Summer Medley, Summer Breeze, Ebony, Latte, Teal, Denim.

Update Your Style Today 

Our fantastic range of fabrics could be just what you’re searching for. Whether you’re looking for a change or need the finishing touches to a redesign, you can trust Fibre Naturelle to have the answer you have been searching for. 


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