New Colefax & Fowler Fabric Collections Now Available

House Décor Interiors is excited to announce the arrival of some of the most luxurious, fulfilling and glamorous collections this year. Our seasonal stock now includes some of the most delectable fabrics from one of the world’s most intriguing fabric design houses, Colefax & Fowler. Our new additions from this fantastic producer include collections from the following:

  • Belvedere Fabrics
  • Casey Fabrics
  • Hamlin Fabrics
  • Magnus Checks
  • Oberon Sheers

The Belvedere Fabrics collection doesn’t fail to impress with its cheerful and exuberant colours, and no style even comes close to Casey Fabrics’ stripes. Likewise, Hamlin’s contemporary colours and twisted yarn never seem to go out of style, while Magnus Checks provide a stark contrast. And for a touch of decadence, Oberon Sheers offer refined organic shapes and distinctive textures.

Belvedere Fabrics

If you are looking for cheerful and natural patterns, then look no further than the Belvedere Fabrics collection. A prominent feature of the collection comprises rich and exuberant organics such as leaves, trees, florals and birds. Additionally, the bold geometric prints accompanying the natural designs are exceptionally suited for establishing a robust interior design character by adapting 20th-century interpretations to 21st-century applications. 

Casey Fabrics

Casey Fabrics exudes amazingly lively colour combinations, from eye-catching striping to geometric motifs. But the dazzling natural beauty of this collection lies in its ability to break up such striking surface patterns with delicate textures and yarn blends. Many of which appear to be heavily inspired by glamorous ethnic jacquard and kilim. The lovely colour combinations and geometry are contrasted by attractive ground effect stripes in varying hues. 

Hamlin Fabrics

Suitable for contemporary rustic décor, this semi-plain collection has been developed with colour variation and hue matching in mind. Hamlin Fabrics blend gentle colour grades with subtle horizontal effects. This results in exciting surface variation when combined with the fabrics twisted yarns that enhance the inherent reflective qualities of the linen used. The rustic style is further enhanced by woven, heavy cloths and stiff wool that make it easy to apply flecked colouring and a keen variation in the surface texture of these fabrics.

Magnus Checks

Checks never go out of style and, when appropriately used, will convey a striking contrast in either classic or contemporary styling. Magnus Checks appeal to both colour palettes in that they facilitate vivid colouring and neutral tones to traditional checked or textured materials. For example, a striking juxtaposition between complete furniture wrapping and accessories is possible when applying bold geometry next to single-colour, pastel herringbone textures.

Oberon Sheers

The epitome of class, decadence and glamour, sheers look stunning anywhere at any time. And the Colefax & Fowler Oberon Sheers collection doesn’t disappoint. The delicate linen yarns exude finery with organic patterns and textures of bloom and flower sprays ranging from delectably subtle to overtly striking. The obsequious embroidery accompanies extremely delicate cloth, existing only to excite with veiled or energetic contrast in equal measure – from white voile to gold on ivory.  

This entire range is one of the most stunning new collections from Colefax & Fowler yet. We are confident that you will get anything you need from these fantastic materials. Three unique and completely different fabrics, a vast collection of check and spectacular sheers is more than enough choice. 

In addition to upholstery, all of our stock can be made to measure for most projects. This makes all of these materials suitable for curtains and roman blinds projects. 

View our new collections from Colefax & Fowler today.

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