New Brand: Caselio

You’ve probably noticed by now that we’re creating a nice little groupĀ of French brands starting with ‘Ca’. Camengo, Casedeco and Caselio are all in one big family, yet Caselio – the latest brand to be added to our site – has something rather unique about it.


So far, we’ve added 6 collections to the brand, but we’ve plenty more to come!

With textured plains, co-ordinating stripes and exotic patterns capturing the beautiful atmosphere of European life, the Caselio brand is truly irresistible for anyone with serious wanderlust.


And if you’re strapped for cash, and can’t afford to fork out money for a whole redecorating project, Caselio’s Accent Collection has the perfect option: These stunning wall panels are the easiest way to revamp your interior on a tight budget. Grab some paint, and a single wallpanel and you have enough to create a whole new look.


And of course, no cool, quirky and contemporary brand is complete without ones for the kids! Currently online, the Only Boys Collection (Only Girls coming soon!) offers a variety of bright and lively wallcoverings for the motorbike, football, car and astronomy fanatics!

Not to forget, there’s plenty of wallpanels for the kids, including Elsa – which may need to be kept quiet, unless you fancy having the home full of the Frozen soundtrack again…


There’s so much more to come from this exciting brand of designer wallpapers, and we’ve waited so long to launch them, we can’t wait for more and more to be added to the site.

What makes this brand unique, other than it’s stunning wallpanels? The brand offers wall stickers as quite possibly the funnest and easiest way to redecorate. Don’t worry, we’ll get everything on as soon as possible, but be sure to check out the live collections first!

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