Must See Casamance Collections

Casual elegance is what you can expect from Casamance. The company’s designs are sophisticated, simple and modern, with a touch of luxury for those who want to make their homes more welcoming.

Here are the latest and greatest fabric collections available today!


Casamance Oscar Fabrics

There’s a reason why the Oscar Collection by Casamance is such an acclaimed and loved brand. The Oscar collection of plush velvets is a treasure trove of unparalleled luxury and beauty. These velvets are made from natural fibres, which means they’re soft to touch with rich colourways that will match any room in your home or office! You can find 27 different shades of pale whites to deep blues – there really isn’t anything you couldn’t imagine making perfect for yourself as well as adding some stylish flair into every space where it resides.

Casamance Paddington Fabrics

Casamance’s Paddington collection features bold and vibrant velvet fabrics with geometric designs, including a grid-like pattern that is completed by an old rustic outlook. The linen base lightens up these patterns while highlighting some of the more interesting elements like multi-coloured cubical blocks in different colours separated by white borders on thick lines or patches of pale tones coming together at chaotic angles but still maintaining symmetry where they touch one another beautifully!

Casamance Ritournelle Fabrics

Casamance’s collection Ritournelle is a colourful assortment of designs featuring the most innovative and modern patterns, such as continuous semi-circles in subtle light tones onto wide voile fabric. The intricate embroidery on linens gives it an old-world charm that will make any room come to life with beauty!

Casamance Triode 2 Fabrics

The Triode 2 range of colourful and exciting fabrics by Casamance continues on the success that it has already established. The company features an array of new designs, including plain Fire Retardant fabric products as well as chaotic geometric patterns for those who are looking to spice up their living space with a little bit more creativity! These woven styles won’t get lost in any room due to their vibrant colours, which come in calm neutral shades like pale greys or light blues.

Casamance Ukiyo Fabrics

The Ukiyo collection by Casmance is a one-of-a-kind experience for both the eye and soul! With Japanese culture inspired designs to feature floral, abstract or geometric shapes in subtle tones such as watercolour blooms on satin jacquards with embroidery lines, you’ll find yourself lost in an endless landscape. You can find celebrated flowers like those found in the Sakura season amidst other gorgeous items, including voiles ranging from wide-width fabrics, which give them an extra touch of luxury.

Casamance Winona 2 Fabrics

As you walk into your home, the space becomes lighter and more welcoming. A collection of decorative voile fabrics from Casamance’s Winona 2 Collection will complete this look! With two styles available, one where colours fade away into plain white or when two harmonious colours blend elegantly together – it has an elegant look that will make your home more inviting while still being able to offer some privacy at any time without sacrificing any light coming through your windows! 


Order yours today!

The perfect complement to your home, Casamance designs offer luxurious and timeless fabrics. With a focus on style over substance, they’re committed to providing you with the best of both worlds – complimentary wallpapers and materials that will enhance any decor without breaking the bank! Please note delivery for Fabric and Wallpapers is typically 4-6 working days as Casamance are based in France. 

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