Make Time for Time with Casamance

Yep, yet another French designer brand beginning with Ca to add to our collection. But we just cannot resist these contemporary and cool brands!

Originating in 2000, the Casamance brand’s aim is to produce stunning backdrops to everyday life. The brand feels that in this hectic modern world, it’s important to ‘make time for time’ ¬†– whilst life stresses can get us all down at times, it’s vital that we create beautiful memories on the way. Casamance provides striking fabrics and wallpapers to frame these memories for years to come. So take time to read a book in that cosy reading nook you created, but never used; have drinks with friends or a Sunday dinner with the family. Take the time to live, and feel relaxed.


Casamance use a variety of techniques and styles to create their eclectic selection of contemporary collections, and use a special colouring method which allows refinement and precision to be at its best throughout their wallcoverings.


With a strong focus on classic French design, and adding a contemporary twist, the Casamance family really offer a proud range which can be use in any interior.


Currently we have a small range of fabrics and wallpapers by the brand, and more to come very shortly. Be sure to browse the collections and keep an eye out for more brands to come!

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