Made to Measure, Made For You

Made-to-Measure Curtains are exactly that: You measure, we make; it’s as simple as that.

Buying pre-measured Curtains are unlikely to be the perfect size for your winows. So, instead of having to cut and revamp the curtains yourself, why not get Curtains made specifically for you?

Using our Curtain Quote facilities online, it’s easier than ever to get a Quote from House Decor. Simple, easy and instant. We even have a ‘How to measure for Curtains‘ section on the site to help you find the right measurements to suit.

We can also provide a 20%Discount on all Make Up prices and this is already built in to the quoting system.

And the great thing about our Curtain Quote system is that it can be instant, or your Quote can be saved for later.
If you’re still unsure about the quote, and would like to double check anything, our team are happy to help; Curtain Quotes can be sent via Email – but this may take a little longer.

Browse through our fabrics at your leisure, find one you like, and  request a quote.

Easy as that!

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