Love by Caselio

Love Fabrics & Wallpapers Collection by Caselio celebrates all that is diverse about the modern woman. Featuring a variety of themes, colourschemes and patterns, the Love Collection allows us to be who we choose to be.


Bright and bold might be your style, so Caselio have provided a range of eccentric and quirky designs with a summery, Hawaiian theme. Paired with bright pinks, playful furnishings and accessories, the room can be transformed in a fun and lively environment.

shabby chic

The classic, country housewife style (there’s a little in all of us, let’s face it) is accommodated for through beautiful floral pieces, polka dot fabrics and pastel shades. Summery and timeless, the shabby-chic fabrics and wallpapers in this diverse collection are just what you need to make the house a home.



For the strong, proud and fashion-orientated girl, Caselio knows it’s not always about being pretty-in-pink. This monochrome selection of curtain fabrics and feature wall wallpapers inspires the independent woman in a sophisticated and sleek way. Featuring Vogue style newspaper strips and bold typography, the Hollywood style fabrics and wallpapers make a big statement within the home.

So create your own story and style with the Love Fabrics & Wallpaper Collection by Caselio and find your true interior design style.

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