How to Measure Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a wonderful addition to any home or commercial property. They combine lovely looks with simplicity and soundness. Before installation, they need to be measured correctly in order to ensure the perfect process is undergone and the right end product is put in place. Let’s quickly run through a few points that need to be made. 

Inside And Outside Recess Blinds 

There is a slight difference between measuring in the inside and outside of the recess. 

When looking to measure the width inside, you’re going to want to measure the width of your window recess from wall to wall. It’s wise to take multiple measurements at different points in case your window is not square. Write down the smallest measurement. A small deduction of 150mm will be taken from us so that we can ensure the blind will fit and operate smoothly. 

Regarding the drop when doing the inside, you’re going to want to measure the height of your window recess from the top all the way to the sill. Again, take around three measurements in case it isn’t square and write down the smallest. Ensure you get it right as these measurements will hold a lot of weight. You will be responsible for the way in which the roman blinds appear.

When it comes to measuring the width and drop outside of a recess, things will need to be done a little differently. Here, you’ll need to measure the width that you’d like your roman blind to be. This is literally called the ‘outside recess’. It is suggested that the blind extends approximately 100mm on either side, above, and below. The drop will be given the same treatment in that you should measure exactly how much you’d like it to be. It will be made to suit the sizes you have requested.  

Notable Aspects That Should Be Considered

Installation Height

The installation height needs to be noted due to safety reasons. In 2014, new legislation came into effect to stop the strangulation of children that may be caught on blinds, cords, and chains. This is necessary even if it is installed within a recess. 

The Chain Length

The chain length needs to be 600mm from the floor for roman blinds. With that said, when looking to supply the perfect blinds, you’ll be asked for the fixing/installation height so that the chain length can be manufactured accordingly. 

A New Motorised Track Option

This motorised track is a wonderful new addition that will help anyone with those hard-to-reach windows. Both modern and traditional homes have this issue, and it solves things pretty quickly. If you have enough on your plate and need the aid of technology, this track will save you. It’s ideal for multiple blinds in the same room as you can control a multitude all at once.

They are available as single channel, 4 channel, or 8 channel.

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