How To Match Your Curtains And Blinds

Curtains and blinds have become an essential part of a house. Here at House Décor Interior, you will find a broad range of blinds and curtains for your home. Majority of people often remain confused about the matching of their curtains and blinds. But nothing to worry as we will share a complete guide to help you match curtains and blinds. Furthermore, this guide will also help you combine colour, texture, and pattern to give a marvellous finish to your windows.

  1. Use a single shade to create synergy

Prefer selecting a single shade for window coverings and walls to bring synergy in your interior. A single colour throughout your interior will add unity to colour scheme and will create a balanced and harmonious space. By using a single shade, your decor will become recessive and allows your accessories and furniture to take centre stage.

  1. Add texture

Simple, neutral, and subtle schemes can be greatly improved by adding textured window dressings. Try merging different textured Roman blinds and curtains. Choose from a variety of brands as per your liking. Combining brown curtains with grey blinds will add beauty to your bedroom.

  1. Get inspiration from existing textures

Your existing décor can play a great role in making creative choices. You will be glad to see the results when you inspire your existing décor. Like if your room has wood panelling, then you can add greyish brown Roman blinds to have a calm environment. You can choose the same pattern for your blinds like that on the wall panelling. Try choosing similar patterns rather than contrasting.

  1. Create an eclectic appearance

You can combine Alvor Fabric Cranberry Curtains with Henning Fabric Berry Blinds to give a welcoming appearance to your living room. Plus, you can also add rugs, window dressings, and push cushions to enhance your interior. Try to get inspiration while travelling and use the same theme to transform your room. Prefer adopting small, but striking designs.

  1. Add pattern with a plain scheme

Pattern can play a great role in adding attraction to your décor. Here the good news is that blinds and curtains have low-cost, so they can easily be replaced to adopt a new trend. Whenever you are matching patterns and plains, choose one colour from a patterned blind and use it for the plain fabric.

  1. Be creative with pattern

You need to be creative when combining patterns to ensure balancing colour and form. For instance, select a bright print for the main fabric and then match it with a subtle, softer design. Water colour washes and abstract prints are a great selection for secondary pattern, while floral work and stripes are great for the main fabric.

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