How To Dress Wide Windows And Doors With Curtains

Wide windows do exist in your home, but it gets difficult to deal with them. But nothing to worry as you can follow some tips to dress wide windows with curtains. Here you need to ensure that you select the right curtains to enhance the available space. At House Décor Interiors, you can get a variety of curtains to dress your wide doors and windows. Let’s have a look at tips.

  1. Make your curtain pole wider than window frame

Wide windows provide a great view of the garden or pool. If you are living in a home with wider windows, then select curtains that do not hide the fabulous views outside. Here you can make your curtain pole wider than window frame. In this way, your curtains will not cover the window when they are completely open.

  1. Make your wide windows more fascinating

When you enter a room with wider windows, then the first thing that comes to your notice is windows. So, it is a plus point to add a curtain design in which you will enhance its attraction. Wider windows are capable of accommodating vibrant prints and bold colours without being impaired, so you can be creative with your curtain design ideas. You can place a comfy dining right in front of the wider window and enjoy mesmerizing outside views while eating. We suggest you to hang Agapanthe Design Fabrics Curtains on wider windows for a pleasant view.

  1. Match and mix curtains with voiles

This is a great idea if you have wider windows and doors. Instead of adding curtains of a single colour. Prefer combining your favourite curtains with voile curtains for a more stunning looks. These 2 curtains will provide a great flexibility. Like on a bright sunny day, you can close voile curtains to decrease the glare of sun, while permitting the light to pass through the windows.

  1. Divide a big space with several curtains

A large size bay window looks amazing in a home, but you cannot enjoy the wonderful outside view if you cover this window with a single pair of curtains. Therefore, we will not suggest you to hang just one pair. Instead, we recommend you to hang multiple curtains by dividing the large space. In this way, you can enjoy the outside view while sitting inside your living room.

  1. Add blinds with curtains for additional privacy

It will be your key priority to maintain your privacy if you have wide windows. So, instead of hanging the curtains alone, prefer combining curtains with blinds for maintaining your privacy while permitting light to filter gently into the room.

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