How To Dress A Bay Window With Curtains

Decorating a new house is always a fun part. It is like getting your baby ready, where you think of the colour contrast, if he looks fresh and cute and if the elements suit him. Same goes for the house as you put a lot of effort to make it look appealing and fresh. Home is supposed to be a place to relax where you can be cosy and curl up, just into your comfortable spot. And to make your house and each part of it, just the way you want, you need to put your efforts.

Windows is one of the main components in the house. You can make it the best, cosy spot for yourself. And the aesthetic mixed with the sunshine and fresh air will take it to the next level. It is a bay window, the aesthetics and the view can be amazing. You can have a cup of coffee or tea, and you can enjoy reading your favourite book there at the bay window.

The bay window does add a lot of character to your room, but it can be a bit difficult for you to dress it well. Here are some ways in which you can dress the bay window.

Vibrant curtains

You can use a set of vibrant coloured curtains that make the room look bright. The bright colours will also go well with the light and will not make your room look dull. Try to get the curtains with some patterns on them to make the bay window a lot better. Make sure you measure the length of windows and then add the curtains according to the proper length.

Add a seating space

You can also add some cushions which complement the window and the vibe of the room. This way, you will have your little cosy corner, which will let you enjoy your little moments and some incredible me time.

Add contrast

You can also add contrasting colours while dressing your bay window. Contrast will not only add colour, but it will also give a wonderful look to your room. You can also play with multiple types of fabrics.

If you have a square bay window that has three different sections, you can simply add a rod with two brackets and hook your curtains on it. One thing that you need to take care of, is to not add curtains that are dark enough to block the light completely.

The dull room will look small because an airy room filled with natural sunlight looks a lot bigger and attractive. If you are looking for home decors, you can visit the House Decor Interiors. Here you can find all the accessories you wanted for your house.

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