How Stripes Can Change Up Your Room

Does your room look boring? Do you want your room to be attractive and fascinating? Well, an easy way is to add stripes. Stripe will do wonders for your room. Let’s see how!

Make your room look bigger

That is the most common practice. People paint their walls in the vertical stripes pattern to make their rooms look airy, bigger, and spacious. Using stripes is a widely used tip by most interior designers. The stripes change your room and ceiling and give it an effect of a wide room and tall ceiling.

Add colour

The good thing about stripes is that you can change your room from a monotone, boring colour to an interactively themed, colourful room. The stripes will make your room look much better and attractive. People like it more when their room has some colour rather than a basic, dull, white, or monotone.

You can use multiple combinations of colours. You can contrast or use different shades of the same colour. This way your room will look incredible. When you are choosing the colours, do not add a lot of them. Try to stick and play with different shades of 2-3 colours. This will look a lot better rather than adding multiple colours. It can make the room look like a part of a circus. Keep it minimal and simple.


Stripes are not limited to painting the walls only. You can add multiple elements of stripes into your room. Be it your bedroom or drawing room, you can put up furniture, that is striped. You can also use a rug for the floor and throw for your sofa. But adding all these stripes, do not go overboard. Make sure some elements are plain in the room. It can either be the furniture of the wall at the back. Too much of the stripes will make your room a lot gaudier.

Also, when you are adding the stripe, make sure the cohesiveness is there. You can add the stripes of a similar size or a similar pattern.

Pull the theme together

The stripes in your room will pull out a theme together. And if you have a perfectly coordinated stuff in your room, according to the colour, style, and size, your theme of the room will rock. And it will make your room a lot more appealing and welcoming.

Maintain a focus

Adding some stripes at the central piece of your room will make them the main focus. For example, if you find the furniture that is striped or the curtains and the carpet that has stripes, the focus of you and the other people will become the one with stripes. And people will pay lesser attention to the other details. This way you can put your more efforts into one main object and bring all the focus there. It will also make your room look better and fascinating.

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