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This week we’re sharing with you our easy guide to ordering Roman Blinds online. Not only does our site allow you to get instant quotations on custom made products, we also have a team of happy-to-help staff right at the end of the phone who can offer quotes and supply you with any additional information.

So here’s the process:

1. Choose your fabric:
With our vast range of fabrics – varying in textures, cost and designs – you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect style for your home.
To make this process easier, we have our easy-to-use filtering which can help you narrow down the choice by allowing you to choose a colourgroup, a design, brand, or even select your price range. This is located at the top of our site.

2. Get your quote: 

This can be done instantly on the site with our Roman Blind Calculator, or done on the phone and via email by a member of our staff.

Step 1:  Before entering your details, you need to decide whether your Roman Blind is in a recess or not.  This will change how to measure the width and drop of the blind. For a Recess Blind, you will need to measure the width and drop from wall to wall, whereas with an outside Recess Blind, you’re able to choose how large you want the blind to be. Once this is decided, enter your measurements.

Step 2: You will also need to measure the fixing height in order for us to create your blind whilst complying with the New Child Safety Legislations.  Again, this is either from the top of the recess to the floor, or for an outside Recess Blind, you can choose how high you wish the blind to be.

Step 3:  You will then be given a chance to choose your track, chain and linings. Depending on the size of the blind, the track options may be limited.  Choosing the lining will depend on the practicality of your blind: We reccommend using blackout linings in the bedroom in order to block out the light whilst you sleep. A Thermal Lining is great for keeping heat in or out without creating a bulky look about the blind.

Step 4: The next set of options will give you the chance to add any additional fabric or accessories you would like: This may include cushions or co-ordinating fabric to make your own accessories.

By completing the details above, the site will calculate the price for you: If you’re not fully confident with your decision just yet, this quote can then be saved in the ‘My Quotes’ section of the site. (This is located at the top of the page and requires a login)

Please note: If you wish to add a trimming to your Roman Blind for an extra personal touch, you will need to contact us instead of entering your quote online.

3. The process:

Once your order is done, we will process, create and deliver your item within 2-4 weeks.  We understand that these custom made pieces can really complete the room and it is vitally important to us that they are done correctly: This is why we have a great workroom of seamstresses with over 25yrs experience. They work hard to make sure your items are exactly how you want them.

4. Delivery: 

Once the blinds are made, they are delivered to you immediately. You are welcome to provide us with feeback on our custom made orders via email, telephone or any social media network we have.

We’d love to recieve pictures of your items

If you have any queries about our Roman Blind service, feel free to contact us.

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