4 Crafts For Christmas

After our Ultimate Christmas Guide last week, we figured we’d dive deeper into getting your ready for the big day. This week, let’s take a look at some adorable crafts that you and the kids – or the whole family – can get involved in.

Each idea is (sorry, not food related) using scraps bits and bobs you might have around the house, so they’re quick and easy little activities to keep you festive!

I like this DIY. This creation describe a great craft. If you love this type of idea please discover my blog for moredo-it-yourself.il...:

If you’re a sewer, or a keen crafter, chances are, you’ll have collected a fair amount of ribbons in your time; too many to know what to do with them all! This super simple tree decorating – A tree for the tree, you may say – is easy and looks perfectly shabby chic. Simply tie ribbons around a twig and voi la, that’s literally it. You could do different coloured trees in purples, reds and any other ribbons you have left!

Super cute cards, another great use for old buttons! gilbertDIY.wordpress.com pinterest.com/gilbertDIY:

Again, we’ve all got spare buttons laying around! Some of us may even buy tubs of mis-match buttons, but no names are being mentioned….
Create some personal and unique Christmas cards for all the family by transforming your spare buttons into adorable Christmas Baubles for cards!

Need to have grandma make me some of these... :-) | Crochet star ornament pattern, via Darice.:


If you find yourself bored in front of the telly this week, how about cracking out the crochet needle and giving these a whirling? Steal the yarn back from the cat and get to it! These make such cute Christmas tree decorations, or could be laid about the house throughout the whole Winter period.

Find the whole tutorial here and  get crocheting!


We all have that one odd, stray sock that never finds a perfect match, so let’s make them into something new: Like an adorable snow-sock man! These cutes fellas are made of sock, fillers ( rice or something of your choice), and scrap fabrics. And how could you deny these cuties a place on the windowsill this Winter?

Find the tutorial here

So those are just a few little bits and bobs to get trying this week! Let us know if you end up giving them a go!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Christmas Board!




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