Classic vs Contemporary Summer: The Heat is On

Here at House Decor, we are LOVING this weather! Ice cream, cocktails and all things summery. But why leave the sunshine outside? Bring life into your interior with these two very contrasting looks: Classic vs. Contemporary.

What better way to welcome the weather into our homes than the classic shabby-chic summer look:

There’s no denying that pretty florals, checks and stripes will always add a springtime feel into even the rainiest of days.
Pairing baby blues and pinks, with neutral backgrounds and bold floral motifs will create a timeless and effortless look about the room whilst still looking homely and welcoming.

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As well as the florals, try out more vintage designs such as nautical stripes, and simple motifs such as these:



Alternatively, there’s always a more striking look for those more outgoing designers!

Bold floral designs on neutral or white backgrounds always create an engaging look, bursting with character and flavour. Clashing bright colours create a great contemporary feel within the home that will leave you feeling happy and refreshed all year round.

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For an even bolder look, try even brighter! With an endless range of possibilities, there’s no limit on the designs you can pair together.

Whether it’s partnering Aztec stripes with checks, or floral designs with cooler leaf motifs.



So what will you choose? The classic and timeless shabby-chic summer? Or the vibrant and flavoursome contemporary heatwave style?
Lets us know!


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