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The Ultimate Christmas Preparation Guide

Here at the office, we’re not feeling very Christmassy yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to think about it! The big day is coming around fast now and everything from food and fashion to decorations and parties all need to be organised. We’re pretty sure we don’t feel Christmassy because our office is still our ‘everyday’ office, and hasn’t been transformed into an exciting Winter Wonderland.. yet.  So we’re all prepared and confident together, we thought we’d start right...

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Add a little Autumn to your home!

Whilst Autumn is here in full swing, there’s nothing quite like Halloween reminding you to get re-decorating with a few Autumnal/Wintery vibes. We’re taking a break from introducing you to some of our new collections, to take the time to inspire you to create a warm, cosy atmosphere for the upcoming seasons (and maybe a little  inspo for Halloween, because who doesn’t love Halloween?) 1. Pumpkins! Whilst pumpkins are seen as a Halloweeny thing, they’re also in season at this...

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Fangirl Fabric Friday: Cykeling Away

A particular  member of our team is still quite in love with Scion’s Cykel design. Be it wallpaper, or fabric, there’s no stopping her dropping its name into conversation, suggesting it to be featured in the newsletter (again) and dreaming of the day her entire house is just one big bike. It has to be said, the Cykel design is pretty fun. Its adorable bike motifs are available in fresh Springtime greens and blues, striking reds and oranges and even sandy, neutral...

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Back to School!

Last week we discussed some ideas for getting the big kids ready to set sail on their next adventure, but we can’t forget the young ones! Make sure your kids have somewhere fun and inviting to come home to, as starting school can be scary and tough. We’ve created lookbooks, inspo and found a few diy ideas to help you get them excited for their new school! Feature Walls A feature wall is a great idea for any kid’s room;...

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Project Student House

In light of the recent A-Level results being published, families across the country now have a few weeks to get the kids sorted for their next big adventure: University. Whilst it’s good to look at getting the basics first – cheese graters, bedding, books etc, there’s a few things that will help make their uni room feel like home! Here’s four ideas to help you get started: 1. DIY Washing Bag Without mum cleaning up after them, you might want...

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Map Out Your Decor!

If you didn’t see, yesterday Google dedicated their daily doodle to Gerardus Mercator. Gerardus Mercator was the first person to ever use the term ‘Atlas’ for a collection of maps and his cartography has helped to create the maps we know today. His attention to the scale and size of landmasses and other object on maps helped create the best maps for sailors.

New Year, New Project

Welcome to 2015!  Let’s start the year off right with some little DIY projects to keep your house looking neat, new and organised! Whilst ‘New Year, New House’ would be the dream for a lot of us, unfortunately it’s not quite an achievable dream… but there’s still ways to make your home feel as good as new ( at a much more affordable cost).

Get the Gatsby Look!

The recent Great Gatsby film seems to have inspired the nation to get decorating; taking inspiration from the fabrics and wallpapers used in the film, to create an elegant and sophisticated 1920’s look.