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Photos of Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains with Tassel

Photos of Curtains Here is a selection of photos of Curtains our workroom have produced by our lovely customers. You can also click here to read reviews on our Trustpilot Profile.

Photos of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Photos of Roman Blinds Here is a selection of photos of Roman Blinds our workroom have produced by our lovely customers. You can also click here to read reviews on our Trustpilot Profile.    

Breathe new life into your home this New Year

So you have Christmas covered right? You have your tree, the lights, the festive bedspread, the reindeer cushions and the scented candles placed meticulously on every bare surface of the room. But what about the New Year? Every New Year comes with a longing to start a new, to breathe fresh life into all things ‘last year’. Just like the snow, as the old layer melts, a shiny clean surface is uncovered and of course we want this for our...

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How to style and decorate your home for Christmas

Christmas is well and truly on its way and, before you know it, it’ll be time to put up the tree and decorations. It’s such a wonderful time of year with family gatherings, Christmas parties and the chance to not feel guilty about overindulging in all of your favourite Christmas treats. If you want to up your decorating game, or need some inspiration to get into the festive spirit this season, check out our top tips below on styling the...

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13 Ways to Achieve Your #BathroomGoals

Let’s face it, we all have ‘#bathroomgoals’, but achieving the stylish looks we’ve pinned to boards on Pinterest, shared on Facebook and dreamed about since we were little, is a little pricey. Not only does the space, size and shape of our bathrooms often effect us reaching said goals, the fact that accessories and luxuries these days are much less affordable doesn’t really help. However, that’s why we scour the internet for the DIY Whizzes to find cheaper ways to...

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10 Ways to impress Mum this Mother’s Day

1. Home Decor Mum This super easy to make wall mural is a perfect gift for a interior-mad mum. Finding a fabric like Zindia by Voyage, Meadow Flowers by Blendworth or Penelope’s Muse by Clarke & Clarke and adding a little decoration makes a beautiful decor piece fit for any room of the house. 

Great British Interior Design Challenge – Get the Look

As avid Interior Design fans, of course we’ve been watching the latest Season of Great British Interior Design Challenge. Each episode, budding interior designers compete against each other by completing a room within a house, each with a different design brief. They are then judged on their presentation, adaptability to the client’s needs and of course, the room itself. From episode 1, we’ve spotted a few familiar pieces that are available on our site, and it’d be rude not to...

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4 Crafts For Christmas

After our Ultimate Christmas Guide last week, we figured we’d dive deeper into getting your ready for the big day. This week, let’s take a look at some adorable crafts that you and the kids – or the whole family – can get involved in. Each idea is (sorry, not food related) using scraps bits and bobs you might have around the house, so they’re quick and easy little activities to keep you festive! If you’re a sewer, or a...

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The Ultimate Christmas Preparation Guide

Here at the office, we’re not feeling very Christmassy yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to think about it! The big day is coming around fast now and everything from food and fashion to decorations and parties all need to be organised. We’re pretty sure we don’t feel Christmassy because our office is still our ‘everyday’ office, and hasn’t been transformed into an exciting Winter Wonderland.. yet.  So we’re all prepared and confident together, we thought we’d start right...

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Add a little Autumn to your home!

Whilst Autumn is here in full swing, there’s nothing quite like Halloween reminding you to get re-decorating with a few Autumnal/Wintery vibes. We’re taking a break from introducing you to some of our new collections, to take the time to inspire you to create a warm, cosy atmosphere for the upcoming seasons (and maybe a little  inspo for Halloween, because who doesn’t love Halloween?) 1. Pumpkins! Whilst pumpkins are seen as a Halloweeny thing, they’re also in season at this...

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