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11 Reasons to choose a Casadeco Wallpanel

We recent added both Casadeco’s So Wall and So Wall 2 Collections to our site. We’re absolutely loving the huge range and thought we’d share a few reasons why you should choose a Casadeco Wallpanel. 1. There’s plenty of options to choose from for every room of the house.

Fangirl Fabric Friday: Cykeling Away

A particular  member of our team is still quite in love with Scion’s Cykel design. Be it wallpaper, or fabric, there’s no stopping her dropping its name into conversation, suggesting it to be featured in the newsletter (again) and dreaming of the day her entire house is just one big bike. It has to be said, the Cykel design is pretty fun. Its adorable bike motifs are available in fresh Springtime greens and blues, striking reds and oranges and even sandy, neutral...

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It’s time to stop hitting that snooze button and throwing our duvets over our heads at the sudden realisation that is, in fact, Monday morning! We need to start feeling energetic and lively and motivated for another week of excitement and productivity!

In celebration of yesterday’s ‘It’s finally warm enough in the office to take our jumpers off’, we’re turning the heat up some more today with a Spring/Summery themed blog post!

Map Out Your Decor!

If you didn’t see, yesterday Google dedicated their daily doodle to Gerardus Mercator. Gerardus Mercator was the first person to ever use the term ‘Atlas’ for a collection of maps and his cartography has helped to create the maps we know today. His attention to the scale and size of landmasses and other object on maps helped create the best maps for sailors.

Harlequin Fabric Roman Blinds from House Decor Interiors

Harlequin Fabrics are without a doubt one of our very favourite designer fabric brands.  We are constantly delighted not only at the high quality of Harlequin fabrics, but in their ability to design ranges that time and time again leave us feeling thoroughly inspired. Harlequin fabrics are ideal for Roman Blinds and with the massive range we have available on our website, you won’t find it difficult to fall in love time and time again!  Finding the perfect fabric can be...

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All Loved Up

We’ve got tonnes to offer on our site when it comes to inspiration, espeically for Valentine’s day! With Heart themed fabrics, rose motifs and romantic red velvets, we’ve got everything you need!