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Photos of Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains with Tassel

Photos of Curtains Here is a selection of photos of Curtains our workroom have produced by our lovely customers. You can also click here to read reviews on our Trustpilot Profile.

Photos of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Photos of Roman Blinds Here is a selection of photos of Roman Blinds our workroom have produced by our lovely customers. You can also click here to read reviews on our Trustpilot Profile.    

How To Incorporate Maximalism Into Your Home’s Décor

Minimalism was the top trend a few years ago, but in 2018, maximalism has become the latest trend. The best thing about maximalism is that it is versatile. So, it does not matter whether you are a lover of classic, shabby, or bohemian style, maximalism will work for your home décor. If you want to incorporate maximalism style into your home interior strikingly and beautifully, then the following tips will help you. Let’s have a look. Be creative with textures...

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Bedroom Design And Mood Ideas

Here at House Décor Interiors, we have plenty of made-to-measure curtain designs that are made with different fabrics. Each of our curtains contains poles, header styles, and tracks. Sometimes, it gets difficult to choose the best item when you have plenty of options. Same goes for the bedroom curtains as you often get confused when making the final decision. But nothing to worry as today, we will be discussing some ways to decorate your bedroom with curtains to make it...

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How To Dress Wide Windows And Doors With Curtains

Wide windows do exist in your home, but it gets difficult to deal with them. But nothing to worry as you can follow some tips to dress wide windows with curtains. Here you need to ensure that you select the right curtains to enhance the available space. At House Décor Interiors, you can get a variety of curtains to dress your wide doors and windows. Let’s have a look at tips. Make your curtain pole wider than window frame Wide...

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How To Match Your Curtains And Blinds

Curtains and blinds have become an essential part of a house. Here at House Décor Interior, you will find a broad range of blinds and curtains for your home. Majority of people often remain confused about the matching of their curtains and blinds. But nothing to worry as we will share a complete guide to help you match curtains and blinds. Furthermore, this guide will also help you combine colour, texture, and pattern to give a marvellous finish to your...

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How To Dress A Bay Window With Curtains

Decorating a new house is always a fun part. It is like getting your baby ready, where you think of the colour contrast, if he looks fresh and cute and if the elements suit him. Same goes for the house as you put a lot of effort to make it look appealing and fresh. Home is supposed to be a place to relax where you can be cosy and curl up, just into your comfortable spot. And to make your...

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Small Living Room Ideas

Nobody wants to have a clumpy and cluttered space to sit back and relax. There are multiple ways to add cosy and vibrant vibes in your small living room. The trick is to add something that makes space appear bigger and better. It is merely the way you style your space. Here are some inspirational ideas to identify the potential of your small living rooms. To make your space more spacious, the need is to add soft and pastel shades...

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The Psychology of Colour in Interior Design

There are different forms of art by which a person can depict their thoughts and emotions. One of the forms is colour, the colours have a huge impact on human brains and tend to alter moods. Different colours have different psychological effects on the human brain. The way you do your home interior designing can become a psychological phenomenon. You can do your home interior designing in a way which can be purposeful for you. You can boost your productivity,...

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How Stripes Can Change Up Your Room

Does your room look boring? Do you want your room to be attractive and fascinating? Well, an easy way is to add stripes. Stripe will do wonders for your room. Let’s see how! Make your room look bigger That is the most common practice. People paint their walls in the vertical stripes pattern to make their rooms look airy, bigger, and spacious. Using stripes is a widely used tip by most interior designers. The stripes change your room and ceiling...

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