Breathe new life into your home this New Year

So you have Christmas covered right? You have your tree, the lights, the festive bedspread, the reindeer cushions and the scented candles placed meticulously on every bare surface of the room. But what about the New Year? Every New Year comes with a longing to start a new, to breathe fresh life into all things ‘last year’. Just like the snow, as the old layer melts, a shiny clean surface is uncovered and of course we want this for our home. Gone with the tree, the needles and remnants of tinsel that lie in its wake and on with Spring!

In those cold January days of quite frankly, doing nothing, why not cast a fresh lick of paint on your wall to create a pop of colour? Play with patterns and stripes in fresh colours like white and grey to breathe life into a tired room. We love these fresh and bold fabrics to reinvent your old and tired furniture. Why not go for a bold fabric on a small chair and contrast it with a block colour on another? Check out this colourful dining room with a bold wall paper from the CasaDeco collection and striking green and pink fabric details.

Colour not your thing? Why not strip it down. Back to basics. As Coco Chanel once said, always take off the last thing you put on. So why not go for a clean and simple aesthetic this spring? Dust off the cobwebs of winter and revive your home with these calming neutrals. Playing with different shades of grey and stone help to add tone and texture to the room, don’t be afraid to mix up your colour pallette. Adding more than one shade or pattern to a room gives depth and character.

Whatever your fancy this spring, don’t be afraid to do new, and do you. Visit to find your new interior style.

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