Bird Is The Word

We’ve found that more and more of our customers are looking for fabrics with an emphasis on bird patterns and motifs. On the site, our customers are free to browse using a search refinery that will allow you to find the perfect fabrics and wallpapers for you.

By refining your search to ‘Design – Animals/Birds’, you will be able to see our huge range of fabrics and wallpapers we can offer. To get started, here are a few of our customers favourites:

Arundel Wallpaper and Blenheim Fabric from the Art & Soul Fabrics & Wallpapers Collection – by Prestigious Textiles – are both perfect for creating a statement in the home. Arundel, which is both lively and elegant, will brighten up any room of the house and will create a stunning feature wall. Alongside this, Blenheim Fabric will add a touch of sophistication to any area of the house. Ideal for cushions and paired with a deep plain upholstery fabric, Blenheim will make for a striking look.

Morris & Co offers a great range of intricate fabrics as well as wallpapers. Strawberry Theif Fabric andWallpaper uses an authentic tapestry-look to create a bold and grand design, perfect for any traditional home.

For a more contemporary look, Prestigious Textiles also offers the Pietra Fabric from the Alessandria Collection, and a co-ordinating wallcovering;  Peacock Wallpaper from the Neo Wallpapers Collection. Both present a bold and detailed peacock feather on a simple and neutral background, perfect for a fresh and calming area of the home.

And there’s even a variety of fabrics and wallpapers to choose from for the kids! With fabrics fromHarlequin such as What a Hoot and Ollie Owl from Prestigious Textiles, even the kids can get involved with the current bird craze. These fabrics and wallpapers are friendly and fun, perfect for any young one’s play area or bedroom.


Other popular choices include Chirpy Fabric from the Halcyon Fabric Collection by Blendworth,Passaro from Scion’s Wabi Sabi Collection  and Swallows from Sanderson’s Vintage Collection. All have their own unique take on the current Bird trend – with Sanderson inspirating re-occuring and very popular swallows clothes and accessories fashion statement.

Overall, our website provides a wide variety of bird-orientated products, perfect for this season. With the fabrics and wallpapers ranging from contemporary to traditional, it’ll be easy to find the ideal product that you’re looking for.



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