13 Ways to Achieve Your #BathroomGoals

Let’s face it, we all have ‘#bathroomgoals’, but achieving the stylish looks we’ve pinned to boards on Pinterest, shared on Facebook and dreamed about since we were little, is a little pricey.

Not only does the space, size and shape of our bathrooms often effect us reaching said goals, the fact that accessories and luxuries these days are much less affordable doesn’t really help.

However, that’s why we scour the internet for the DIY Whizzes to find cheaper ways to replicate our favourite looks with our own personal touches.

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Emma Bridgewater – Sanderson

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We’ve collated a list of 13 Ways To Achieve Your #BathroomGoals which are quick, easy and effective! Whether you’re renting, developing a new home or refurbishing your family home, these easy DIYs are the perfect Sunday project to try, before having a relaxing bath to round off the week in your new fancy bathroom, of course…

1. Decorate your cupboards

The simplest way to spruce up your bathroom, would be add a splash of colour to your cupboards! Lining the back of the medical cabinet above the sink is a great way to brighten your day during the morning rush! Use leftover wallpaper, origami sheets or even print your own funky pattern and paste or tape it to the back! Simple as that.

2. Transform Your Shower Curtain

Add even more colour to your morning routine by dip-dyeing an old white shower curtain. Or, add a motivational quote.

3. Make your own fruity fresh shower mat

How fun is this for the Summer? If you love a colourful atmosphere in the bathroom, try out this simple tutorial for making your own bathmat! Whether you’re making a pointy pineapple, or a stripey square, the bathtub is your oyster!

4. Draw your own tile patterns

Most bathrooms these days have scrapped these pretty tiled basins, and provided much modern modern alternatives. But if you’re a lucky one who’s still living the classic life, then what easier way to reinvent your tiles than drawing on them! With a steady hand, add a few dots here and a few lines there with a Sharpie, for a new, twee look.

5. Create your own wire storage baskets

Surely by now you’ve seen the amazing storage baskets ladder craze taking the world by a storm?! Well, after noticing these cool items can set you back hundreds of pounds, we think it’s time to make our own.
This nifty little tutorial will teach you how to really reduce the price by creating your own wire baskets. Then, all you’ll need is some hooks and a ladder!

Perfect for storing towels, cosmetics or even potted plants within the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom!

6. Add fancy storage

Will mason jars ever be a thing of the past? We think not. After hosting your cute cocktail night, clean out your mason jar mugs and re-purpose them into vintage style storage for your vanity space.

7. Bring in some colour

Bontanical pots and plants can only ever be a fun way to bring life back into the bathroom – leaving the space fresh and at one with nature.

8. Bathe in style

If you’ve ever experienced the trauma of getting your favourite book wet, dropping your phone in the bath or splashing water everywhere as you slip reaching for the shower gel, then this is the perfect project for you!  This old cupboard door plank is ideal for staining and varnishing to create your own bath tray. Perfect for making shower essentials a little more accessible once you’re comfy, or for keeping productive whilst having a soak.

9. Paint the floor

10. Conceal the tub 

You don’t need to a hire a grafter to create a beautiful spa style for your home. Using self-adhesive or airstone, tile your bath to cover up the white and add a bit of luxury! This looks so effective and will have both you, and your guests in awe of your super fancy living style.


11. Spice up Storage

Who says storage baskets have to be on the floor or in a cupboard? This ingenious project makes storing towels practically a decoration! Simply drill the baskets sideways onto the wall and you’re done!

11. Use supplies as decoration

If you’re a particularly tidy person, there’s nothing to say that household essentials can’t be displayed. Using cool charity-shop finds, you can add a huge amount of character and style into the bathroom like this antique tray and cute jewelry bowl.

12. Stain your cabinets

Staining cabinets is probably the best way to add a contemporary and sophisticated look within the room. These espresso stained cabinets look sleek and practical, but it’s easy to find a stain that matches your colourscheme. Experiment with metallic shades for drawer knobs and cupboard handles too. For a clean and fresh look within the bathroom, hide away any bottles, cleaning products or towels that don’t fit in with the colourscheme in a big chest of drawers or shelving unit.

13. More Mosaic 

This stunning mirror tutorial upcycles any old CDs you’ve got and transforms them in a light refracting frame for any household mirror! Perfect for a bright bathroom interior!

Have a go and see where the inspiration takes you, and let us know what you think!

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