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Unique and modern curtain ideas for your home

Curtains and blinds are often overlooked when decorating a space when they actually play a big role in interiors. The right choice of curtain fabric helps highlight and complement your furniture and walls, when framing a window they can even make a room appear larger or open. Here are a few tips in making your room look modern and unique with the help of window treatments.   Keeping it simple Stratford Fabric Collection (by Wemyss)   Most people focus more...

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Spring Ideas For Your Living Room

Does your home still look cold from the cool winter months? As the snow melts and reveals a symphony of colours, it’s time to spread some warmth back into your home. Here are some tips to get your living room ready for spring.   Pick daring colours Jardin Fabric Collection by H & S Pick vivid and bold colours to instantly brighten a room. A few cushions in an array of coordinates will make any sofa or armchair inviting to...

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Our Top 7 Fabrics and Wallpapers in February

Blendworth Fabric Collection – Library An arts and crafts inspired collection, these lovely prints can add a beautiful pop of colour to any room. It’d be a wonderful fabric to use for any furniture you want to emphasise, such as a sofa or an armchair. But if you are unsure of using such a bold print, it would be equally stunning amidst an arrangement of more neutral toned throw pillows. For the more adventurous, consider using the Blendworth Library fabric for...

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13 Ways to Achieve Your #BathroomGoals

Let’s face it, we all have ‘#bathroomgoals’, but achieving the stylish looks we’ve pinned to boards on Pinterest, shared on Facebook and dreamed about since we were little, is a little pricey. Not only does the space, size and shape of our bathrooms often effect us reaching said goals, the fact that accessories and luxuries these days are much less affordable doesn’t really help. However, that’s why we scour the internet for the DIY Whizzes to find cheaper ways to...

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Love by Caselio

Love Fabrics & Wallpapers Collection by Caselio celebrates all that is diverse about the modern woman. Featuring a variety of themes, colourschemes and patterns, the Love Collection allows us to be who we choose to be. Bright and bold might be your style, so Caselio have provided a range of eccentric and quirky designs with a summery, Hawaiian theme. Paired with bright pinks, playful furnishings and accessories, the room can be transformed in a fun and lively environment. The classic,...

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Make Time for Time with Casamance

Yep, yet another French designer brand beginning with Ca to add to our collection. But we just cannot resist these contemporary and cool brands! Originating in 2000, the Casamance brand’s aim is to produce stunning backdrops to everyday life. The brand feels that in this hectic modern world, it’s important to ‘make time for time’  – whilst life stresses can get us all down at times, it’s vital that we create beautiful memories on the way. Casamance provides striking fabrics...

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New Brand: Caselio

You’ve probably noticed by now that we’re creating a nice little group of French brands starting with ‘Ca’. Camengo, Casedeco and Caselio are all in one big family, yet Caselio – the latest brand to be added to our site – has something rather unique about it. So far, we’ve added 6 collections to the brand, but we’ve plenty more to come! With textured plains, co-ordinating stripes and exotic patterns capturing the beautiful atmosphere of European life, the Caselio brand is...

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Voyage Alchemy

If you’ve been on our Facebook over the past week, you’ve probably noticed we’re a little excited about Voyage’s latest range; Alchemy. The range is split into three collections: Lustre, Weaves and Prints, each with something beautiful and different to offer.