Amazilia Range by Harlequin

As usual, Harlequin started off the New Year with a BANG!

The stunningly contemporary Amazilia range is bursting with character and colour fit for a tropical summer house!

The three collections all have something quirky and unique to offer whilst co-ordinating perfectly with each other to create a vibrant and exotic atmosphere about the home.

We’re predicting the Papilio Fabric and matching wallpapers are going to be a big seller this year! This beautifully intricate butterfly pattern is available in three colourways, all of which have a summery vibe, perfect for achieving a warm and welcoming feel about the house, whatever the weather outside!

Combine the Papilio Fabric with the Limosa and Paradise designs to create a colour eutopia  throughout the room.

If butterflies aren’t your thing, the collections also offer a slightly more subtle range of hummingbird designs using bright and block colours. The bird motifs in this selection were drawn on a larger scale in order to be precise and consistent with the detailing, and then scaled down to create this intricate design.

Another of our favourite pieces is the stand alone Savanna Fabric. This tessellated elephant print comes on a neutral backdrop to create a Safari style look. It can be paired with the more boisterous patterns and colours within the range, or with the simple Nalina Wallpaper for a more laid-back, relaxed look.


And don’t worry, the collections also offer a variety of plains, stripes and spotty paint splodges, to help you co-ordinate and bring the whole room together.

Not only that, but the Amazilia Velvets Collection is a sumptuous range of extraordinary velvets in a blend of eletric and firery colours, to give your Upholstery that extra something.

So there you have it, a first look at Harlequin’s flavoursome Amazilia Range.

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