2022 – Year of the Tiger

What is the Year of the Tiger?


In Chinese Zodiacs, Tigers are third. The story of the third zodiac explains that Tiger was all too confident that nobody was able to compete with his respectable speed in the celestial race to decide the order of the zodiacs, but his confidence was misdirected. As Tiger emerged from the river, believing wholeheartedly that he was in first place, he discovered that Rat had one first place due to its cunning wit, and Ox had then taken second place because of its perseverance and steady strength. After all of his boasting, Tiger had to settle for third place behind the Rat and the Ox. 

Personality type for Tiger Natives

Perhaps as a result of Tiger’s fierce confidence, most people who are born in the years of the Tiger are extremely independent and have good self esteem. They generally prefer to act alone and may not be the most gregarious, but despite their un-sociable nature they can still be optimistic and enthusiastic by nature. Those born in the year of the Tiger also appear to have a near endless supply of energy, especially at school or in the workplace. This high-energy presence is generally considered the greatest charm of Tiger natives, as their vitality is clear and many are drawn to such a larger than life quality.

Lucky things for Tigers:

  • Lucky colours include blue and green
  • Lucky numbers include the odd primes 1, 3 and 7
  • Lucky flower is a sweet plum blossom

Many famous and well known individuals were born in a year of the Tiger. Potentially the most widely recognised of all Tiger natives is the UK’s reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth, who was born on April 21 in the year of 1926. Of course this year marking the Platinum Jubilee and celebrating the 70th anniversary of her accession. Other celebrities born within the Tiger year include Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, and actors Tom Cruise, Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Year of the Tiger Decor 

Embodying the year of the Tiger inside your home couldn’t be easier, as there are so many related decor items that you can invest in to channel the Tiger inside the comfort of your property. Tiger fabrics can be some of the best options to choose, as they are bold and eye-catching to ensure that they can grab your attention. 

  • Emma J Shipley’s Tigris Fabric incorporates rich velvets, luxurious satins and shimmering finishes, focusing on all things mystical, magical and exotic. For a totally entrancing and exciting Tiger fabric, this is no doubt the perfect choice.  
  • Prestigious Textile’s Bengal Tiger Fabric is bold and brassy, using deep and dark tones to set the scene for a warm and welcoming home. Their Tiger fabric is totally unique and different, turning any room into a wholly individual space. 
  • Becca Who’s Bengal Rose Garden Fabric recreates an exciting journey around the natural world, with rich shades and opulent designs this collection is perfect for statement decor. 


Your interior design can easily channel the Year of the Tiger to remind you of your need to be courageous and confident this year, so what are you waiting for?

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