Unique and modern curtain ideas for your home

Curtains and blinds are often overlooked when decorating a space when they actually play a big role in interiors. The right choice of curtain fabric helps highlight and complement your furniture and walls, when framing a window they can even make a room appear larger or open. Here are a few tips in making your room look modern and unique with the help of window treatments.


Keeping it simple

Stratford Fabric Collection (by Wemyss)


Most people focus more on furniture as the focal point of their room or sometimes they will feature a big wall and add some attention-grabbing accessories. If your room already has some interesting furniture and accessories, you may want to keep your window curtains in a neutral shade or palette. This collection by Wemyss consists of beautiful chunky embroideries that add subtle sophistication to your space.


Neutral doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though! Consider introducing textured fabric patterns to add some character and personality.


Not your usual sheer fabric

Breeze Fabric Collection (by Warwick)


When you have a room that has a beautiful view, it makes sense not to cover it up with heavy drapes. To make a space feel more open and airy, try using some sheer or translucent fabric curtains to frame your windows. The Breeze Fabric Collection by Warwick has a stunning range of voiles and sheers to maximize natural lighting.


Try using sheers with geometric patterns to make it more interesting without overwhelming the eye.


Play with colours

Alaska Fabric by Ashley Wilde

Not a fan of patterns? Or maybe you already have a statement piece in a bold print? Highlight your furniture by complementing it with plain coloured fabrics. A single colour featured repeatedly in the room will make the room look flat but if you use a coordinating colour palette, it will act as the perfect backdrop to highlight the pieces you want. The Alaska Fabric by Ashley Wilde comes in a stunning range of 38 beautiful colours to make any room look and feel luxurious.


Don’t know how to pick the right shade? Pick an existing colour in your room- it might be a beautiful shade of purple in your throw pillow or maybe a subtle blue in an artwork- and then focus pick some shades based on this colour.


Go Bold

The Embleton Bay Fabric collection by Sanderson


Some people like to keep their room clean and bright by using neutral colours but if you find your room looking a bit plain and washed out, add some much needed flair by using bold prints and colours for your window dressing. This fabric from The Embleton Collection by Sanderson blends nature and serenity with their embodiment of landscapes and coastlines.


What you can do is pick an interesting colour already in your room (like a streak of red in an accessory) and keep that shade in mind when picking out your curtain fabric.


Combine Prints and Plains

Mystical Fabrics by Blendworth

Found some printed fabric you really like but are unsure how to mix and match them together? Want to add more character but afraid of patterns overwhelming your space? Match it with a plain coloured fabric to subtly tone it down. The Mystical Fabric Collection by Blendworth offers a wide variety of patterns and plains in an assortment of textures and palettes.


Use a plain colour already in the pattern you like and use that to make a bold statement without going overboard in style and taste.


Did you get inspired by any of these curtain designs? Instantly upgrade your room by framing your windows with the right curtain fabric. The right fabric, whether plain or printed will complement your furniture and add drama and sophistication to your space.

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