Our Top 7 Fabrics and Wallpapers in February

Blendworth Fabric Collection – Library

An arts and crafts inspired collection, these lovely prints can add a beautiful pop of colour to any room. It’d be a wonderful fabric to use for any furniture you want to emphasise, such as a sofa or an armchair. But if you are unsure of using such a bold print, it would be equally stunning amidst an arrangement of more neutral toned throw pillows. For the more adventurous, consider using the Blendworth Library fabric for your dining chairs or even for your bedroom headboard!



Harlequin Fabric Collection – Zapara

A sophisticated collection inspired by modern fashion trends, the Zapara prints exude luxury and glamour. They give a dramatic look suitable for small décor or furnishings yet still remain subtle enough to be used for larger pieces like curtains and drapes. It adds vibrancy and softness to any bedroom, without looking too full on.

Bring a touch of style to your room by using these as Roman blinds or used as complementing patterns for two-tone custom tailored curtains.


Prestigious Textiles Collection – Aspen

Beautiful prints in pastels and neutrals, this collection is inspired by rugged terrain, landscapes and mountains. Used on its own or in combination with drapes, it adds a soft look to any interior with its subtle patterns and textures.

A light airy sheer curtain is a perfect way to tone down bold or strong coloured drapes or curtains. Use in common areas like a big hallway or living room to accentuate your windows or for curtains in combination with heavy drapes or blinds to add character in a bedroom.


Sanderson Fabric Collection – Embleton Bay

A collection reminiscent of the British coastline, these prints can evoke calm and serenity in any space. Because of its subtle patterns and colour palette, it is easy to mix and match the Embleton Bay range together and complement existing furniture. These would be lovely to use as cushions or as a window covering to create an interior that evokes nature and rolling landscapes.

Create a peaceful atmosphere in your personal spaces by using cool toned colours for your palette.


Clarke & Clarke Wallpaper Collection – Animalia

Beautiful hand drawn patterns inspired by jungle scenes, these eye-catching wallpapers are more than just a cover for your dull walls. Use neutral shades like eggshell or monochrome if you plan to cover a large area. But, for a more dramatic effect, pick a wall and use a vivid pattern to really make it stand out.

Instantly make your room interesting by contrasting Clarke & Clarke Animalia wallpaper with your plain painted walls and tiles. See our other vibrant wallpapers here.


Harlequin Wallpaper Collection – Zapara

Inspired by lush tropical landscapes, this collection is a beauty of botanical patterns and vibrant prints, perfect for inviting a little nature into your home. Use it in your bedroom to invoke a sense of calm and peace while you rest, or in the kitchen for a refreshing look. You could even use it in the living room to bring a bit of exotic air to the space.


Villa Nova Wallcovering Collection – Renzo

Inspired by architectural structures, geometry and urban textures, these vinyl wall coverings definitely add a unique touch to any home. With embossed textures and patterns, any wall becomes a piece of art in itself. Add a feature to your wall that will add interest to your room without being permanent. With dozens of styles to choose from in the Villa Nova Renzo Wallcoverings collection, you can easily find the best one to complement your unique furniture pieces.



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